Queen Amelina Princess Flamenco is a deuteragonist to be introduced in Promix Club. She is also a fairy of Dragon Flame that may be more powerful than Bloom. In the second season of Promix Club, she was declared to be the next Queen of planet Tressa.


Amelina is a girl with kind, fearless, intelligent and brave personality. She had clearly shown her flexibility and professionalism in using technology when doing missions on Earth.

At eighteen years of age, Amelina has been maturer along with enthusiasm in being a member of School Counselors, which purpose is to lead the new and junior fairies. In season 2 and above, she had shown her great responsibility of a true queen of Tressa.

She can be a natural perfectionist, believing everything must be 100% perfect. Any mistakes that happens, no matter how it is will be considered to ruin, which has brought her the aversion to messiness and disorder.

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Amelina is daughter of former Queen Angie and King Rowan, making her a princess of Tressa kingdom.

Having graduated from Diana Magic Academy, she began her first adventure on Earth with her aunt, Countess a.k.a Headmistress Diana. She had to conceal her true identity as a fairy in order to avoid Group Dark from tracking her. One day, when Neo's group was in jeopardy, she used Dragon Flame to save their life and vanished.

As the time progressed, Neo discovered that a fairy had saved his friend's life. Unfortunately, everyone persisted in thinking this was just a fabulousness. Not until they had seen Amelina in her fairy form while being taken to a safe place did the truth come out.

Eden fell in love with Amelina, made her his love interest. From that time, their relationships with others became closer.

3 years after her first mission, Amelina left Earth to go on a journey to Alfea College for gaining new and advanced intuition of magic.


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Amelina is a lady who has black fair skin with long black wavy hair that stops close to her knees. Her eyes is the same color as the hair and the lips is filled with red lipstick.


=Season 1Edit

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* Birthday: February 14
* Astrological Sign: Centaur
* Favorite Food: Fruit
* Favorite Color: Red
* Favorite Hobby: Fashion Design, Inventing and Fixing Gadgets
* Ideal Boyfriend: Eden
* Best Friend: Cornelia Favorite Movies: Romantic comedies Loves: Cooking cupcakes for my friends!Favorite Music: Pop Favorite Spell: Dragon Flame

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